Sign of the Day: It Socks to Be Lonely

A shrine of lost socks, searching for their mates. I should add the 4 or 5 un-paired socks that have been floating around in my dresser. But those orphans feel like family…


Sign of the Day: Made in Russia

Ah! Finally a tattoo I don’t have to use my brain for.

Sign of the Day: Dog Shit Meat w/ Sauce

I forgot to check the restaurant grade……I’m gonna go with “pending.”

Sign of the Day: Detective Store

The West Village is heck of paranoid!

Sign of the Day: Obese Princess

This one caught my eye. The sticker has something to do with this site, but the homepage made me uncomfortable, so I decided not to investigate further…

Sign of the Day: Ponytail Man Loves His Cat

If you’re a man in this sweater with that ponytail, you love cats so much that you take them to Olan Mills Photography.

Sign of the Day: Dog Cake

New York City has a rich collection of signage. I can’t walk down a street without seeing an inspiring, ridiculous or hilarious sign. Here’s today’s find. What do you think the frosting is made of…sugared meat bi-product?